This is a live demo of the application importing CSV data to database in laravel which is described in this to import csv data to database in laravel. Complete project source code is also available on github here

Sample CSV data

The data collected form a mock csv data is displayed here, the CSV file can be seen here.

# Firstname Lastname Email Gender
26 Helen Spencer Female
27 Annie Kim Female
28 Pamela Mason Female
29 Chris Little Male
30 Anna Carroll Female
31 Louis Washington Male
32 Fred Garcia Male
33 Kelly Bryant Female
34 Nicholas Hughes Male
35 Tina Garza Female
36 Emily Woods Female
37 Michael Anderson Male
38 Catherine Parker Female
39 Gloria Nichols Female
40 Beverly Ward Female
41 Phyllis Gilbert Female
42 Joyce Fowler Female
43 Bobby Jackson Male
44 Dorothy Willis Female
45 Cynthia Martin Female
46 Marilyn Mendoza Female
47 Kevin Perry Male
48 Victor Reynolds Male
49 Theresa Young Female
50 Alice Thomas Female