This is a live demo of the application importing CSV data to database in laravel which is described in this to import csv data to database in laravel. Complete project source code is also available on github here

Sample CSV data

The data collected form a mock csv data is displayed here, the CSV file can be seen here.

# Firstname Lastname Email Gender
51 Linda Hanson Female
52 Marilyn Castillo Female
53 Martin Reid Male
54 Brian Wilson Male
55 Todd Patterson Male
56 Juan Burke Male
57 Teresa Daniels Female
58 Ryan Wright Male
59 Timothy Hamilton Male
60 Margaret Morrison Female
61 Kelly Kelly Female
62 Steve Torres Male
63 Howard Carr Male
64 Anthony Young Male
65 Gregory Webb Male
66 Amy Stephens Female
67 David Medina Male
68 Louis Reynolds Male
69 Judy Turner Female
70 Barbara Washington Female
71 Christopher Cunningham Male
72 Janice Cooper Female
73 Marilyn Larson Female
74 Dorothy Gomez Female
75 Carol Wilson Female