This is a live demo of the application importing CSV data to database in laravel which is described in this to import csv data to database in laravel. Complete project source code is also available on github here

Sample CSV data

The data collected form a mock csv data is displayed here, the CSV file can be seen here.

# Firstname Lastname Email Gender
76 Amanda Murphy Female
77 Louis Vasquez Male
78 Jason Sullivan Male
79 Julia Hicks Female
80 James Carter Male
81 Louis Long Male
82 Todd Phillips Male
83 Amanda Anderson Female
84 Jeffrey Elliott Male
85 Donald Medina Male
86 Kevin Freeman Male
87 Pamela Garrett Female
88 Julia Harrison Female
89 Michelle Peterson Female
90 Ryan Morgan Male
91 Larry Campbell Male
92 Howard Ward Male
93 Phyllis Gomez Female
94 Virginia Parker Female
95 Ernest Morris Male
96 Ann Welch Female
97 Ruth Wagner Female
98 Earl Romero Male
99 Lois Reynolds Female
100 Margaret Rice Female