This is a live demo of the application importing CSV data to database in laravel which is described in this to import csv data to database in laravel. Complete project source code is also available on github here

Sample CSV data

The data collected form a mock csv data is displayed here, the CSV file can be seen here.

# Firstname Lastname Email Gender
101 Doris Price Female
102 Ruth Pierce Female
103 Chris Price Male
104 Billy Bryant Male
105 Jeffrey Hernandez Male
106 Timothy Riley Male
107 Katherine Hudson Female
108 Gregory Knight Male
109 Nicholas Garza Male
110 Anne Frazier Female
111 Diane Stewart Female
112 Thomas Sims Male
113 Joshua Smith Male
114 Henry Castillo Male
115 Ruby Myers Female
116 Rose Fisher Female
117 Jacqueline Gonzales Female
118 Melissa Freeman Female
119 Linda Gonzalez Female
120 Lawrence Williams Male
121 Michael Johnston Male
122 Anne Hanson Female
123 Nancy Lane Female
124 Jennifer Simpson Female
125 Margaret Gardner Female