This is a live demo of the application importing CSV data to database in laravel which is described in this to import csv data to database in laravel. Complete project source code is also available on github here

Sample CSV data

The data collected form a mock csv data is displayed here, the CSV file can be seen here.

# Firstname Lastname Email Gender
176 Frances Romero Female
177 Christina Oliver Female
178 Justin Armstrong Male
179 Sharon Lane Female
180 Annie Ryan Female
181 Jessica Morris Female
182 Carlos Turner Male
183 Louis Franklin Male
184 Kathy Stephens Female
185 Chris Tucker Male
186 Karen Bailey Female
187 Jason Morrison Male
188 Brandon Watkins Male
189 Jacqueline Jenkins Female
190 Mildred Austin Female
191 Joe Webb Male
192 Angela Simpson Female
193 Jimmy Warren Male
194 Shawn Ramos Male
195 Anne Williamson Female
196 Anthony Jackson Male
197 Jonathan George Male
198 Joyce Simpson Female
199 Rebecca Scott Female
200 Jason Butler Male